Investments, Workshops & Mentorship

Welcome to TSB's dedicated space for investments, workshops and mentorship aimed at fostering innovation and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to success. Our newly introduced initiative focuses on investing in exceptional startup ideas and providing invaluable mentorship to budding entrepreneurs. We are committed to bring together diverse expertise by offering impactful speaking engagements, meticulously designed workshops, and personalized mentorship sessions.

Investments & Mentorship Initiative

Our team is excited to introduce an initiative aimed at fostering entrepreneurship by offering angel investments to promising start-up ventures. Beyond financial support, we understand the value of mentorship at the early stages of entrepreneurial endeavors. Hence, in addition to potential investments, we offer comprehensive mentorship to guide and nurture innovative ideas.

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Speaker Profiles & Testimonials

We're excited to offer a collaborative platform for speaking engagements, workshops, and research endeavors. Our team covers a broad spectrum of expertise in various domains, catering to topics ranging from strategy and international relations to finance and resilience. Explore the speaker profile given below to delve deeper into our areas of focus and benefit from our tailored workshops, speaking engagements, and research collaborations.

Feel free to reach out to us for inquiries, workshops, or engaging speaking sessions.