Business Analyst Intern


The responsibilities of a Business Analyst Intern would include, but not be limited to, the following :

  • Research and analytics for ongoing projects
  • Feasibility reports and Market Study for existing and new projects
  • Financial Modelling and Revenue Structuring for existing and new projects
  • Internal Branding and Marketing initiatives – including PR, social media, blogs and brand strategy
  • Business development initiatives
  • Any other work as deemed appropriate by the firm

In addition to these, you might be required to work on other assignments, including being staffed on other projects, as deemed necessary by the firm. You would also be required to participate in the business development activities carried out by the firm. You might on occasion have to visit clients, which might include outstation clients.

We are open to the idea of you carrying out part of the work from home and come to office twice/ thrice a week. However, in some cases, where direct coordination is needed, you would be required to come to office more or visit clients for meetings. The stipend would be negotiated post subsequent rounds of interviews.

To apply, write to us at:


Business Analyst Intern