Feasibility studies

The first step in evaluating your business model is evaluating whether such a model could in fact materialise. Is there a way to ascertain whether you could start operations, break even and generate profit? Assessing the viability of a venture from all standpoints- financial, legal, economic, political and others- is crucial before you chart your market territory. Once you have ascertained whether the business is sustainable, you can get to the strategy, planning and marketing.

We use a variety of in-house models, frameworks and tools constructed and customised to carry out research exclusively for your business. Our toolkit to check the feasibility of your business includes market assessment and expansion matrices, our distinct take on PESTLE, SWOT analysis, industry maturity mapping, and product-market fit assessment, among others.

Now, say your plan is feasible. You have the green signal. What next? Do you know your market and your target? Profiling your industry, market size and segments, and your own product is the next step. Before you launch your business, let us conduct that research for you, right from data collection and analysis to providing fair findings and recommendations. Whether you want to set foot into a global market or expand your local footprint or stop operations in an area, our reach and knowledge pool would help you execute this call in the most efficient and pragmatic manner. We have constructed our in-house research instruments and analytical frameworks and tailor them to your business needs, thus helping you put your best foot forward and showcase your strengths in the most effective way. With our experience across diverse industries, our industry profiling services would help you make informed decisions.

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