Sports and its diverse allied industries- eSports, gaming, wearables, merchandise and sports equipment- have made their mark in mainstream industries. The present day scenario is a completely different picture from that a few decades ago and the future will be more starkly contrasting. With newer recreational choices, increased focus on health & fitness and a new era of the internet in the form of Web 3.0, are all turning points for the sports sector. As the industry deepens its presence and new organisations sprout, there is an increasing demand to streamline business operations and for expert service b

EG and TSB has been associated for a long time with a leading provider for premium quality equestrian surfaces for athletes.

Consistently partnered with the company, identifying new markets, bringing their products to these new markets and executing several projects with the team. As growth partners to the client, we have developed business plans and conducted feasibility studies for the same. Our efforts have translated to the increased presence of equestrian surfaces in global markets as we continuously support the client.

Our experience in this sector spans across organizations of distincts scales and sizes. Our agile and customized approach to each lies at the core of our work ethic. Discover more TSB projects, simply mail us here: