Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

All over the world, the spotlight has turned to the pharma & health sector in every nation, in an unparalleled capacity in the recent past. Healthcare infrastructures have either turned out to revive whole economies or uncovered stark realities, in need of urgent interjection. As covid- and non-covid induced alterations continue to drive the industry, our insights and real-time solutions to clients in need have ensured that lives could be uplifted in as many impacted areas as possible.

Our experts were called upon by a leading hospital management firm to set up a state of art healthcare facility in the capital city of Luanda. Their solutions, based on inferences drawn from thorough market research, paved the way for the pioneering of a formal healthcare system in Angola. Read more about the solutions provided by our team of experts and their impact on one of the largest African nations: Angola’s First Diagnostic Center (link) (domain: Market research and consumer behaviour)

Our experience in this sector spans across organizations of distincts scales and sizes. Our agile and customized approach to each lies at the core of our work ethic. Discover more TSB projects, simply mail us here: