For a highly functional industry driven in a major capacity by customer insights, one that must provide a high level of service and along the value chain and ensure equally high responsiveness to other operations, taking stock of developments, change and growth assumes utmost importance. We help such high-demand clients and players put their best foot forward in the changing landscape of the FMCG industry.

What happens when a home-grown cosmetics brand showing potential to become a market leader starts, in fact, to lose grip on its audience? Our firm was called upon to resolve exactly this business dilemma by an Ayurvedic cosmetics brand based out of India. Our end-to-end brand restructuring helped it to not only capture a larger pie of the Indian market but also establish a global footprint. Take a closer look at this case and the methodology we used: Expanding & Restructuring a cosmetics brand

(brand restructuring redirects to domain: Strategy & business planning (or market research and consumer behavior)

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