Fashion & textile

Value is at the core of all consumer decision-making and purchasing. In an industry that sets the tone and is built on the same principle, a business must keep abreast of all the trends and themes and revisit strategy and its target market periodically. With the scope of the retail market widening to include e-commerce and the historically competitive nature of the market, none of the core elements of your business should be neglected- feasibility, strategy, branding, costing, raising capital and sustainability.

Cultural exchange is always an exciting and enriching process. When a leading fashion retailer wanted to infuse the cultural richness of Indian handlooms and native artisanal work into the markets of Dubai, setting up a concept story became the project and also the problem to be tackled. We created a three-pronged solution aimed at three core elements of business strategy: Supply chain, pricing and investment fundraising, each just as crucial as the other. Find out how we are helping local weavers earn more competitively while also scaling up the brand and its presence: Concept Store in Dubai

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