Technological disruption, the pandemic, consumer behaviour are just a few catalysts that have taken the auto industry by storm over the last few years. While many manufacturers have been at the receiving end of shrinking sales, some have gone ahead and entered the green vehicle segment. As long as technology continues to dominate, the auto sector is poised to only become more dynamic- presenting newer challenges and opportunities. We strive to help our automobile and automotive clients face this transformation head on.

When a leading automotive player sought consultancy for entering the electrical vehicle market, our experts developed a stage wise road map to implement the actionable and dynamic market entry strategies. Our consultants also provided a detailed costing breakdown to make such entry viable for the client. Find out more here: Entering the electric vehicle market, (domain: feasibility studies)

Our experience in this sector spans across organizations of distincts scales and sizes. Our agile and customized approach to each lies at the core of our work ethic. Discover more TSB projects, simply mail us here: