International Clients

Global Healthcare firm UK business

Healthcare companies face dramatic changes in customer behaviour, market dynamics and regulatory demands. We are driven by the challenge of new possibilities in healthcare and the translation of these ideas into reality. Our role is largely defined by our involvement in making strategies and opportunity assessment for rolling out reagents for testing. Evaluated regions for Roll-out, and end applications. Recommended exact roll-out schedule and areas, the client implemented all our recommendations.

US sports firm seeking to enter Asia

Sports firm faces huge changes in demand. They need to penetrate in new countries to maintain demand. We work end-to-end with them, to devise strategies for various target markets, Work on business development initiatives, and undertake strategic marketing for them. We develop Resourcing long-term industry relationships and expert sports business knowledge, our consulting team proposes results-driven plans for our clients commercial development.

International commodities firm in Greece

Commodities market is a very unstable market. Prices change on daily basis. Its prices and demand depends on their supply. We understand their scope and scale and enable them to further penetrate the Indian market with their products, Build Linkages with key stakeholders in the Indian market. We also do feasibility study on new Products and Commodities.


“The Strategy Boutique helped us penetrate Asia and launch our products and services in 14 countries, more are on the list. We have been associated with them for over 2 years, and they remain ready and on-call whenever needed. More than their presentation and research reports which were impeccable, it was their work on the ground to deliver results that really impressed us”

- CEO of an American Sports Equipment firm

“We wanted to set up shop in India and use low cost but quality manufacturing of Indian food and feed products for exporting into the EU. The Strategy Boutique engaged closely with us to find a suitable partner, and ensured that all JV formalities were completed in good time. They remain on board for overseeing our India operations”

- CEO of a Greek Food commodities firm