India Clients

Indian pharma clients

Indians pharmaceutical industry is highly dynamic and offers great opportunities for both domestic and foreign companies. Specialised talent is critical for any knowledge industry, It is more so within the pharmaceutical industry. We have practical knowledge and skill to help our clients in gaining competitive advantage and exploring new avenues of growth, new markets for drug licensing, based on demand projections.

Indian animal feed manufacturer with global ambitions, especially to enter South East Asia and Europe.

It is very important to understand the commodities market. We should have Knowledge of commodities to excel and earn profit in this market. With right skilled people and knowledge we help them to understand those markets and connect them to Potential clients and customers.

Indian luxury brand

We focus on management consulting and strategic brand development for luxury. We helped them gauge customer perceptions to their brand in 6 large Tier 1 cities and performed extensive primary research, and provided recommendations on how they can better project their brand in the luxury segment.


“When we decided that we needed to branch into Africa for setting up hospitals and also exporting our pharmaceutical products into the continent, these guys (The Strategy Boutique) found able partners in Uganda and Kenya. We are currently penetrating these markets and looking at other similar markets to enter. The Strategy Boutique-Blue Cloud Healthcare team is also helping us to set up hospitals and diagnostic centers on the continent”

- CEO of an Indian Pharmaceutical Company