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Is this the Dawn of the Era of Retail Investing in India?

January, 2022

Have you ever come across a video advertisement on social media about an app offering stocks of Amazon when you shop from Amazon and stocks of Apple when you purchase an Apple product? Well, if you have I am sure you remember that the name of the app was IND money: A platform which has recently raised a whopping amount of $75 Million in its Series D round of funding.

Platforms like INDMoney, Dhan, and Jar are new age companies which have been gaining a lot of traction in India lately. But the question is why is this happening in a country where majority of the population didn’t believe much in investing and trading; what has changed? Also what are the unique opportunities that these platforms are bringing to the table that they are able to tap the huge market, generate brand value and breathtaking revenues for themselves?

The number of retail investors bolstered by a wholesome number of 14.2 million in FY2021 so much so that the Indian stock market is now being dominated by retail investors. The transition has been quite successful due to a number of factors at play here but one of the major ones being access to internet: The web has created a whole new universe for us where information regarding anything and everything is highly accessible, this has enabled citizens all over the country to learn about things like investing, trading, and personal finance especially with a wide array of YouTube videos and blogs being published in languages like Hindi and other regional languages which makes it all the more convenient to have access to such knowledge. Apart from that the rise of GenZ- a generation which holds a unique, revolutionary perspective about the world sees investing as a requisite rather than a choice to thrive in the modern world has also brought up the number of retail investors in the nation.

Now let’s talk about the uniqueness, the experience that these platforms bring to the table which is giving them a central sphere in the fintech industry. You all must have heard a quote which says “people won’t remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” And that indeed holds quite true in the business world too as your users might not necessarily remember the sophisticated words you put in the mission, vision, and business description but they will always remember the experience they have with your product and that is exactly what these new age platforms are spearheading their successes on: User Experience. They have managed to make the user experience as personalized and convenient as possible for their customers through leveraging databases, using artificial intelligence and machine learning. For instance, INDMoney suggests you personalized investment options while Dhan fosters a customized user experience for super traders, and Jar offers the convenience of starting off your personal finance and savings journey in just 45 seconds.

Talking in a nutshell, investing has become the new trend, the new normal for Indians and platforms like INDMoney, Dhan, and Jar are not only catering towards boosting the fintech industry and the Indian economy but also giving a boost to the financial situation of each one of their users!

  • Written By Ishita Arora

I believe that the problems we encounter are not only a source of suffering but our cue to develop solutions and protect others from going through the same pain.