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How to find Job Opportunities in Market Research Companies in Paris?

March, 2022

Shows like Emily in Paris are taking over the web by a storm and becoming one of those feel-good shows that everyone runs to whenever they might just need cheering up or simply just needed to watch something light hearted. But what we might or might not notice is that it has managed to reflect upon something: The gorgeous city of Paris and the thrill of having a marketing job- something which has now become a dream of many out there. And that is what we are going to talk about in this blog: How to get a job in a market research firm in Paris?

A splendid nightlife, impressive work-life balance, renowned corporates, and huge growth prospects has led Paris towards becoming one of those cities that everyone wants to live and work in. Over the years, it has become a dream city especially for the young, many of whom include professionals looking for opportunities to be employed in the market research industry.

This blog will serve as a comprehensive directory of looking for and landing your dream job in market research companies in Paris. But before we dive into the specifics of the same, let's have a look at what market research companies do and what are the most common job profiles in such companies.

What do Market Research companies do?
Market research companies collect and evaluate information about customers, competitors, distributors, and other market actors and dynamics. Market research might be quantitative, qualitative, or a mix of the two. Quantitative research is numerically focused, necessitates close attention to market phenomena measurement, and frequently involves statistical analysis. Qualitative research focuses on descriptive language and symbols, and it usually entails observing or questioning consumers in a marketing setting about their product or service consumption experiences. It entails assessing people's attitudes, preferences, habits, and purchasing power as buyers, sellers, and consumers. Market research also considers distribution routes, promotion and price, as well as the design of the products and services to be sold.

What does a Market Researcher do?
The job of a market researcher is to analyse statistical data collected through surveys, interviews, test groups, secondary research, etc. and helping businesses in making strategic decisions relating to profit maximisation, introduction of a new line of products, and any other objective that the company might have in mind. The market researchers after the analysis focus on preparing meticulous reports on why, why not, and how the company should fulfil its objectives.
So, if you are someone who likes to be challenged everyday, is looking for working with companies hailing from diversified backgrounds, analysing and putting together the brains to arrive at productive conclusions then being a market researcher analyst might be one of the impeccable job profiles for you out there.

Which are the sectors that market researchers majorly dwell into?
Although, market research is something which every company from every sectors needs at some point of time during the life of the company in order to grow in the industry or expand into new markets; in the contemporary world the sectors which market researchers are primarily working in are as follows:

  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Property and Housing
  • Public Services and Utilities
  • Retail and Wholesale Market
  • Political Institutions
  • Automotive
  • Education and Training
  • Finance, Investment, and Insurance
  • FMCG including Food, Drink and Household Products
  • Government and Local Authority

Now that we know the basics about what a career in Market Research might look like, let us reflect upon the fact that how one might go on to become a Market Research Analyst?

How to become a Market Research Analyst?

  1. Align your higher education with a career in Market Research: Most of the market research analysts dwell on pursuing their bachelors in marketing, science, data analytics, business administration or psychology. Pursuing similar degrees during your bachelors would indeed be a splendid choice to go ahead with if you’re sure about pursuing a career in market research. Although, most of these degrees also open up an array of other professional arenas for you too so it would be a wise decision to analyse the sort of career opportunities that each one of the degrees mention above opens up for you and then go ahead pursuing the one which leads to more number of opportunities that you might be interested in the impending future.
  2. Earn the right certifications: Even if you have already pursued a bachelor's degree in a field related to market research or if you ended up pursuing a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field, certifications are something which can prove to be a life saver. Certifications are shorter in duration as compared to degrees but pursuing relevant certifications would act as a testimony of your dedication towards the role of a market research analyst and might give you the boost that you were looking for.
  3. Gain some practical experience in the industry: Having some sort of practical experience in the industry, be it as a marketing manager or a market research intern is a prerequisite for getting a job at a market research firm. So, make sure you have had a decent amount of industry experience before you apply for your dream job as a market research analyst.

Although, there is no perfect path to become a Market Research Analyst, a good one would look something like this:

  • Pursuing a bachelor's degree in fields like marketing, data science, data analytics, business administration, or psychology, etc.
  • Pursuing your MBA in Market Research and Analytics.
  • Earn credible certifications in market research, such as certification from the International Institute of Market Research and Analytics.
  • Having had your share of practical experience in the market research industry.

If you walk on a path similar to the one listed above, you might be good to go to land your dream job in a flashy firm in the beautiful, magical city of Paris.

Now, let’s move forward towards the central sphere of this blog- how to find job opportunities in market research companies in Paris?

How to find job opportunities in Paris?

  • “Network is Networth,” we all must have heard this quote at some point of time but with globalisation, digitisation,and the rise of social media platforms like LinkedIn; networking has become one of the most impactful ways of securing any kind of job opportunity. So, networking with people who are already working at a prestigious position at a market research firm in Paris might be your best shot at securing your dream job in the magical city.
  • Another way to land a job in Paris is to approach one of the recruitment agencies situated in the city, Paris might prove to be a unique city with a unique culture and getting to understand the job market might be a hard nut to crack; something which recruitment agencies can make easier by helping you out through every step of the journey.

Below is a listicle of the best recruitment agencies in Paris so you know who to approach if you’re going to take this path of looking for work through recruitment agencies:

  1. Aizen recruitment Paris
  2. Fyte
  3. Staffing partner
  4. Talent place
  5. Assessfirst
  6. Approach People Recruitment Paris
  7. Dorothy Danahy
  8. Ples Convergence
  9. Apollo Executive Search and Consulting Paris
  10. Charrette Service
  • Last but not least: looking through job websites and applying to the ones which you think might be the right fit for you. Though, this way has become one of the obvious ones over the course of a couple years with the virtual world becoming a part of our lives; still a lot many companies believe in actively recruiting talent on credible job websites and who knows the conventional way might just work out in your favour.

Few websites that you might explore in order to look for jobs in Paris are:

  • APEC
  • Indeed
  • Leboncoin
  • Pole Emploi
  • LinkedIn
  • The Local France
  • Glassdoor
  • Monster France
  • JobiJoba
  • Keljobs France

Over the past couple decades, your CV or Resume has become as aspect which acts as the stepping stone,a first impression of you in front of the recruiter so let’s explore about somethings which you should keep in mind while preparing your CV for applying for a job in Paris:

  • One thing that you should keep in mind is to keep your CV concise- usually it should’t exceed a page except for those applying to the top management positions in a company.
  • Don’t forget to talk about any French language dexterity you might possess, even if you are applying for a job that requires you to be an English speaker. Mentioning any sort of language skills helps an employer to understand your cognitive abilities better.
  • Although, this might not come out as something which matters that much in other nations around the globe but in France, writing the cover letter in ink on a good quality paper leaves behind an indelible impression. Some employers in Paris even indulge in assessing and analysing one’s handwriting to make a prediction about a candidate’s dexterity.

In the words of Antoine Griezmann, With hard work and effort, you can achieve everything.” So, make sure you work hard on securing your dream job and don’t give up until and unless that dream of yours transforms itself into an ecstatic reality.

  • Mahima Kumar

Mahima is an associate consultant at TSB since 2021. You can find her in the socially constructed reality during the day and her self-constructed reality all year long.