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Working at TSB - Internship Experience

August, 2021

For the last two months, it has been my distinct pleasure to intern at The Strategy Boutique. To say the least, my experience has exceeded any and all expectations and pre-conceptions I may have held prior to working here. On entering college, I was quick to realize that most work opportunities availed by students primarily involved peripheral work, without contributing much to their learning or their skill sets. Naturally, this shaped my expectations for any and all internships that would come my way through the course of my first year. However, right from the outset, TSB did not seem to fit into any of the stereotypical internship roles I had come to expect in the past. From working on tenders to researching for consulting projects, I was constantly engaged and forced to step outside my comfort zone.

The quality of work I was assigned to at TSB far superseded anything I was accustomed to in the past, or what any of my peers were doing in their internships. Furthermore, not only was the work consequential, but also highly engaging. I was able to garner an unparalleled insight into the management consulting industry, comprehending the thinking process behind strategy proposals. Working at TSB greatly helped me broaden the scope of my knowledge and equipped me with invaluable skills that I’m sure will come in handy in the future.

However, an accurate narrative of my experience would not be complete without a mention of the excellent working culture here at TSB. Everyone I have worked with has been genuinely warm, welcoming, and light-hearted. I was truly made to feel as if I were a part of the team even though I was only interning for a few months.

I am sincerely thankful to everyone at TSB for providing me with this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow over the last two months.

  • Written By Siddharth Garg

Siddharth is a first-year student at SSCBS, University of Delhi, majoring in business and finance. His interests include economics, international relations and spending insane amounts of time on YouTube