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Christmas Amidst the Pandemic

December, 2021

The holiday season is the time to celebrate and be around loved ones. However, Covid-19 and the restrictions the pandemic brings with it have left many feeling gloomy and unenthusiastic. Let’s delve deep into how Christmas should be celebrated keeping in mind social distancing.

Christmas is undoubtedly the most beautiful time of the year. The twinkling lights in the streets spread the cheer and joy of the holiday all around. It turns out that the ‘holiday spirit’ is real and it is enclosed in that dusty box labelled ‘Christmas Decorations’. People often associate Christmas decorations with feelings of nostalgia and excitement from childhood, several psychotherapists have explained. Christmas is the season of showing benevolence and giving to the ones in need.

The pandemic has changed everything. There are simple ways to help the ones in need during the holidays. A tiny gesture of generosity by everyone can create a positive impact and bring positivity on this auspicious day. It's important to take a break from our daily mundane tasks, and engage in some fun activities during the holidays. One can always plan out some thrilling outdoor activities or a bonfire to keep everyone warm and cosy. If it snows, making a snowman is a must! Watch classics, Santa movies, or do just anything that could brighten your day and make you feel merrier.

Technology has, and is continuing to yield incredible innovations in all spheres of life. The most obvious transformation about how technology has changed Christmas is that in-store shopping has been replaced to a great extent by online shopping. This makes Christmas Shopping a few clicks away, offers a larger variety of products to people, thereby ensuring social distancing. There is even an alternative- sending a Christmas gift card by email, for those late shoppers who ran out of time. According to a report, the overall average spend has increased due to improving anxiety around health and safety concerns. Digital platforms that consumers tried during the pandemic for safety reasons have become habits because of the conveniences they offer. Consumers plan to start shopping earlier than in the past two years because of concerns around inflation and supply chain constraints, an opportunity for retailers, as early shoppers tend to spend more.

Technology cannot replace the feeling of actually being there with loved ones. The gift of sharing moments with family and friends cannot be wrapped in a gift box. However, we are a victim of circumstances, and we have to make the best out of what we have. While celebrating, one can always play some Christmas Carols on Spotify, eat some mouth-watering delicacies, sip some wine while children enjoy their hot chocolates and pretty much everything seems intact, giving a perfect festive vibe. Video calling and chats allow families to virtually be together. Social Media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have made it very simple to send a greeting with a picture of a nicely decorated family tree to all friends and relatives within a few seconds.

Christmas will certainly look different amidst covid, but that doesn’t mean one can’t still carol their heart out with friends. To ensure a safe and healthy festive season, it’s advisable to keep plans as intimate as possible. A small family dinner party, consisting of a smaller group of guests is doable. Online invitations can be sent very conveniently with all the details specified. Guests may have certain protocols to follow, so one should give as many details as possible and be transparent.

"Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause
And reflect on the important things around us."

From all of us at TSB, may you have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • Written By Ridhima Goyal and Lakshita Srivastava

Ridhima is an intern at TSB. She thinks numbers are the best storytellers and is always excited about nothing.

Lakshita is an intern at TSB. She's passionate about Entrepreneurship, Research and Sports. She strongly believes that everything happens for a reason; a good reason.