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TSB turns 6!

March, 2020

On an autumn morning back in October 2013, a friend (and now, Partner) and I started thinking about TSB for the first time. Having worked in both industry and consulting, we understood the nuances and unique pain points felt by consultants and clients, and we were eager to fill this void and provide cutting edge and more importantly, pragmatic solutions to small and mid-sized companies. And all this, without the massive overheads of the bigger consulting firms. Affordable and pragmatic were our two driving forces, at the time, and gladly, we have remained true to them all these years.

An idea that germinated over a cup of coffee took another 6 months of advanced discussions with various stakeholders, internal and external. This involved going back to some of our mentors, ex-bosses, friends, families, everyone. We had our fair share of sceptics, and also people extremely positive about what we were seeking to achieve. Each of them taught us something new, something to take with us in what was going to be an arduous, but exciting journey of creating and establishing a brand, running a business, acquiring clients and providing the kind of solutions we always backed ourselves to provide.

It started with two partners, two interns and one client, and barely any money to pay our bills! It started with our office expenses being more than our fee! It started with a struggle to make payroll every month. But it also started with us having a plan, and believing in it, and backing ourselves to pull it off. It started with us cutting out all background noise and focussing on the task at hand.

6 years later, we have consistently recorded double digit revenue growths over the years. Our offices have expanded to the UAE and UK, addressing the wider MENA and European markets through these offices.

And the milestones have been heart-warming. We have helped launch FMCG brands. We have set up Angola’s first super speciality hospital. We have constructed a chain of dialyses centres in Africa and Nepal. We have orchestrated efficient supply chains of quality medicines across 3 continents. We have created new product lines for F&B giants in Asia. We have forayed into the mining sector in Oman. Whether you are a real estate firm in Dubai or a chemical factory in Delhi, we have you covered!

Our projects have spanned over 25 countries (see map below). We have partnered with key stakeholders in these countries. We have worked with governments and semi government institutions. Our consulting teams have grown, and we have optimized internal processes to provide sustainable career paths for everyone choosing to work with us. This, and so much more.

What have these 6 years taught us?

Against this backdrop, we are extremely excited about what we have achieved in a relatively short span of 6 years. Our clients boast of some leading global corporations, along with a whole bunch of mid-sized and small firms who need advisory services the most. And that was the inherent idea behind the birth of TSB. Over the years, we have successfully created a strong niche for ourselves in this space, and that many of our clients have been with us throughout our journey so far is testimony to how true we have been to our vision. Each assignment, irrespective of the client being a fortune 100 company, or a young start-up, is bespoke and handled keeping in mind the unique nuances of the client. Our work doesn’t end there, as we then roll our sleeves and implement those recommendations for them. It is truly satisfying to see our recommendations turn in to implementable solutions, touching thousands of lives directly, and many more indirectly.

Somewhere along the line, we expanded our team. Our new Managing Partner, who started her career here as an intern many moons back, and worked her way up in the firm, compliments the core start-up team with a refreshed zeal and passion to our work, along with a plethora of new ideas and skillsets. She demonstrates the strong career path we have in place for those that choose to work with us. We are continuing to expand our team and are currently adding Vice Presidents and Leaders across different verticals to the team. Our interns remain one of the most valuable assets for us, and most of them continue to work with us long after their defined internship periods end, reassuring our faith and investment in young talent, and again, as testimony to a great work culture and environment that we always seek to provide. (To explore a career with us, drop us a line on our platforms!)

We also rebranded our corporate logo, to align more with our vision and philosophy. This translated into all our artwork and branding initiatives across various platforms, something that was an instant hit with our existing clients, the number of whom have consistently gone up. We started with 1 client back in 2014, the number today is in excess of 50, most of whom are long term clients for us. What started with a rather limited idea to service one industry, now has transcended across multiple industries. What started with a small office in Delhi, has expanded to the UAE and UK, and to other countries through our partner firms. It has been some journey, indeed.

But here at TSB, we don’t believe in basking on our laurels. We believe there is only one way forward, and that is to continue to adapt, align and grow. We are excited at the possibility of entering new sectors and geographies and are already in advanced talks with clients and partners to aid this objective. Spin-off products are constantly being brainstormed on and are in in different stages of curation. Hello, TSB Research.

TSB Research is a truly innovative product with cutting edge research and analyses by TSB’s best and brightest, that serves a unique trifecta of objectives for us – build internal knowledge repositories, explore forays in to new sectors and eventually become a profit-centre for the company, going forward. Watch this space for more updates on this.

Here’s to scaling even greater heights over the next six years, and beyond. Drop us a line on any of our platforms if you’d like to speak to us!

  • Written By Abhinav Srivastava

Abhinav, a highly skilled management consultant, is one of TSB’s co-founders. He prefers to obsess over a BlackBerry in a world of iPhones.