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2019 in Review and What Lies Ahead..

January, 2020

2019 might be over, but the heaps of knowledge and experience garnered over the year, are some things we carry forward with us. 2019 was a breakthrough year in various aspects here at The Strategy Boutique. A host of new projects in extremely diverse and interesting industries, a smattering of new clients, nurturing existing relationships and putting in place a detailed vision for the new decade. All this, and much more!

Let’s go over some of the key takeaways from the year that just went by. Our highly acclaimed and cutting-edge solutions in the FMCG sector continued to garner for us, significant goodwill and several new projects. And each time, we helped our clients either work their way out of a tricky spot, or launch new products, or even penetrate new markets. This space has always been a major success story for us, and we are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring it stays like that over the next decade and beyond.

Development consulting is an area that we have always been passionate about, and 2019 saw the continuation of half a decade of work that we have done in this area. Our Africa portfolio continued to strengthen, as we forayed into new countries in the region with a view to further rationalize healthcare systems across the continent. From establishing a leading healthcare centre in Angola to generating efficient supply chains for pharmaceuticals in countries as diverse as Malawi and Ivory Coast and developing a multi- million dollar fund for improving healthcare conditions in Africa, we continue to expand our scope of work. Much of this is likely to continue in the next decade.

We are also extensively focusing on developing an arm for social impact initiatives and with a few key partnerships with leading organizations in this space, we hope to reap fruitful results in the coming years. Keep watching this space for more!

Our work in the equestrian space continued strongly, with the setting up of a world class equestrian centre of excellence in Qatar and potential collaborations with several governments in Asia, much of which are likely to fructify this year.

Over the last year, we also made significant additions to our core team, with a new Managing Partner and Strategy Head, along with expert consultants and analysts and bright interns coming on board. Each of them has brought significant value addition with them and added to the lustre of team TSB. Expanding and growing the team has posed significant challenges, not the least of them was developing a robust HR strategy and Hiring plan in place for the first time in the history of our young firm. For the first time, we became both the consultant and the internal client, and this exercise was immensely useful in helping us appreciate some of the challenges our clients face with hiring and expanding their teams. And while this helped us improve our internal processes, it also enhanced our learning!

Another development we are extremely excited to announce is the launch of the TSB Advisory Board, a core group of advisors and industry experts coming together as a part of TSB. The plethora of knowledge and experience that these people bring is invaluable, and we are truly excited to welcome them on board. The TSB Advisory Board is expected to consistently grow over the rest of the year. We are extremely excited at the immense possibilities this opens up for us, not in the least, exploring new products and segments, and also continuously innovating and improving the quality of our existing portfolios. We shall be revealing the Board soon!

For sure these are exciting times at TSB. To know more, please connect with us on our social media platforms or website, or simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We are always looking forward to interesting conversations. Also, feel free to reach out to us should you want to be a part of our growth story.

Here's to a happy and prosperous 2020 for all of you. Cheers!